Taking Care of Your Health the Natural Way During COVID-19

One thing I know is that while we are all spending more time at home, we may have started to neglect our healthier ways of eating. I am as guilty as anyone of leaning into carbs and comfort foods during times of turmoil. But with many states and cities enacting tougher measures, and rightly so, the end isn’t coming soon. So, if we really want to take care of ourselves and our health, it begins with our food.

Make sure you are including lots of “green” into your diet. It may be easier to reach for chips, but a spinach salad or a side of broccoli with you lunch will go a long way. Spinach is rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Iron. Iron is especially important right now as it is catalyst for getting oxygen around the body. Better yet, Spinach is in season from March-June, so it is the perfect time to make it a staple in your house. Or get those home gardens going. I always plant plenty of spinach in mine!

Spinach is a prime ingredient for living healthy
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Spinach and other greens may not be a normal part of your diet, but they really are easy to include. Wilt some spinach in your breakfast with eggs, on top of a pizza or even a favorite of mine, put it inside of lasagna.

Eating Healthy is Only Part of the Picture

Yes, a healthy diet that limits carbs and is filled with vegetables and berries is the foundation of healthy living, but it isn’t all. Many of our bodies are conditioned to crave certain unhealthy foods and we may not even absorb our nutrients the same. Other factors play a role as well. What other foods are we eating with our nutrient rich foods. Iron is absorbed better when combined with Vitamin C, another reason why I love spinach so much!

If you are ready to see what whole food supplements can do to support your body.

Schedule a virtual consultation and I will create a custom plan to better your health.

For many of the clients who come into my office we find a regimen of whole food supplements that support the body. It isn’t just during the self-isolation and quarantine of COVID-19. Regularly we don’t eat the food that our bodies need. And for some people they find taking 2-3 (sometimes more) supplements a day helps keep them on track. Whole food supplements help the body do what it does best, keep us strong and healthy fighting off infections and viruses.

When our immune system is functioning it helps us fight off viruses like the one that causes COVID-19. Yes, our immune system protects us against everyday acute stressors, but the weakening of this system makes it harder for the body to protect itself.

Live Healthy with Dr. Pam Owens, ND

The latest episode of the podcast dives deeper into taking care of your health during COVID-19 and you can even watch it on Youtube.

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