5 Reasons to Choose Natural Health

Natural health, which is also referred to as alternative medicine or natural treatment, encompasses a number of different disciplines. What defines natural health is its approach to the whole human body as compared to traditional medicine which can only go so far. Natural remedies are not meant to completely replace traditional methods of treatment however they can work well alongside traditional means of medicine.

Have you considered implementing natural remedies in your everyday regimen? Whether you are currently dealing with a health condition or simply want to improve your overall general health, homeopathy may be beneficial to you. Here are some reasons why you should choose natural health.

Reason #1: Natural Remedies are Generally Safe and All-Natural

One of the most commonly cited reasons for why people turn to alternative health and natural treatment options is because they are considered to be safe as well as all-natural. There are many different types of natural remedies and treatment options to choose from and many are rooted in ancient traditions much older than modern medicine.

Essential oils and aromatherapy, for example, have been used as natural remedies for many ailments and their use is supported by modern and traditional medicine. Many modern forms of medicine are born of natural treatment methods such as sports rehabilitation and physical training being derived from principles of yoga, tai chi, acupressure, and massage. Natural supplements, essential oils, herbal salves and other such forms of medicine incorporate all-natural ingredients in order to supplement or benefit your health.

I use whole food supplements that nourish your body and help it work to heal itself. I help my clients think through their approach to natural health and ensure they nourish their bodies in multiple ways.

Reason #2: Alternative Medicine Provides Many Different Choices

Because natural medicine and health options are not typically covered by your health insurance, it allows you the ability to choose the provider you feel comfortable with without feeling pressure or limitation to meet guidelines set by your insurance. You will have the power to choose from a variety of different natural therapies and therapy providers to suit your specific needs and comfort level.

You will also have more personal flexibility because you will not be beholden to whatever treatment plan your medical doctor specifically requires of you. Rather than simply receiving a prescription from a doctor who does not understand your needs or want to get to know you at all, instead you are given the opportunity to explore alternative possibilities and treatment plans that are more in line with your unique body and health needs.

Reason #3: Natural Treatments Allow You to Maintain Control

If you feel like something is not working for you, then there are many other treatment options available for you to try. The natural and holistic approach to medicine involves so many different potential paths to follow that you should feel comfortable pursuing different avenues when you are dissatisfied with the results you are currently receiving.

Holistic health approaches are not a assembly-line approach to your health and there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will work for everyone. This is often the problem that patients run into with traditional medicine. Instead, with naturopathy you will find that you can custom blend different approaches while really taking the time to understand your needs. This is the best way to really address the root causes of your health issues rather than simply treating the symptoms as they come up.

Many of these remedies are “tried and true,” because they have been tested over time. Although new natural products will always arrive in the market, they will be using many of the same natural ingredients that have been used and tested throughout time. When you research a remedy, you will be able to know how long the ingredients have been around and what results you will likely experience. On the other hand, most traditional medicine is very new and many times the side effects of a medicine are not fully understood when it hits the market.

To truly have control over your health and well being you should have a firm and thorough understanding of everything you are putting into your body whether a natural remedy or a pharmaceutical one.

Reason #4: Natural Remedies and Treatments Address Root Causes

As noted above, the goal of natural medicines is to help determine the root causes behind a health issue and to target them. Where many traditional approaches to medicine focus on treating the symptoms first and hopefully eradicating their cause, natural and alternative medicine is designed to dig down deep for an understanding of your body and the root causes of what ails you.

When you understand what is leading to your health issues, then that is when you can truly begin to heal. Through the use of natural therapies in conjunction with traditional medicine, you may be able to reach a deeper level of healing than you were ever able to achieve with traditional medicine alone. Natural medicine cannot replace modern medicine all on its own, considering that modern medicine has advanced so significantly through the years, however the two work exceptionally well together.

Reason #5: The Holistic Approach Can Protect Your Health

The holistic approach to medicine, which is central to natural medicine, is designed to protect and uplift your whole body rather than to just treat the symptoms of an ailment. Your body has a natural ability to heal itself but sometimes that ability can be hampered by an ailment, by stress, or by simple exhaustion.

Dr. Pam ready to transform your natural health

The principles of natural remedies are designed to build on your body’s natural ability to heal itself, bolstering it, so that you can (1) strengthen your body against future attacks (from illness and injury), (2) rebuild your ability to heal naturally, and (3) fight off whatever ailments are affecting your body for better overall health.

Whether you are presently struggling with a specific health issue or simply want to improve your overall health there are significant benefits to natural remedies and “alternative” health methods. There are many different paths you can follow until you find a remedy or a group of remedies that seems to be providing the benefits and results that you seek.

If you have ever considered implementing natural health as part of your life you can schedule an appointment with me from anywhere in the world. For a limited time my virtual sessions are discounted.

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